Welcome to the endorfin family. Here, feeling good makes people come alive.

endorfin foods aims to bring inspired f&b products and services to the India market.

Fine foods are an everyday affordable luxury.

endorfin foods brings the best experiences to the Indian consumer. We make it easy for foreign manufacturers to enter the market.

Our winning formula:
endorfin = global experience + relationships
              + intangibles across categories

endorfin's specialty lies in studying a market category through its primary and secondary research. We then flex our marketing and retail expertise to test products.

endorfin's founder is a food enthusiast who grew up in Bombay, Madrid, and New York. As a hungry student, he spent endless hours watching FoodTV, scouring grocery and speciality stores, teaching himself how to cook, and sharing quality foods with adventurous souls. Quick to identify gaps in the market, he established endorfin to discover how to bring food and beverages into India that he himself would offer guests while entertaining.

The founder grew up in an environment of family-owned enterprises before leaving for Europe and the U.S. for an education in Finance and International Business. His passion and love for quality foods and beverages, and belief that one must follow their heart, led him to the food space.
People are constantly looking for ways in which to feel good every day (or every week), especially in a stressful environment such as modern India. Meditation, a runner’s high, new forms of prolonged exercise, massages, aromatherapy, eating spicy food, single malts, desserts, fine dining, partying, and lots of other unmentionable activities serve as a trigger for your body to release endorphins.

endorfin is a play on endorphin (ɛnˈdɔːfɪn) – technically a hormone produced during a heightened feeling of sensation such as exercise, excitement, pain, love and sex.

The etymology of the term ‘endorphin’ consists of two parts: endo- and -orphin; representing the words endogenous and morphine, intended to mean "a morphine-like substance originating from within the body” that acts as an analgesic and promotes a feeling of well-being.

For trade and product inquiries:
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